2011-04-27 07:47:37 by Lombies

more Character design is more character design. He's got his gambit colors going on.


Character Ideas

2011-04-26 15:43:22 by Lombies

Some Character sketches

Character Ideas

Wanting to make a game

2011-04-25 12:32:23 by Lombies

I'm in want of making a game, but don't possess the coding skills to pull it off.
Gimme a shout if you a programmer and want some art / animation assets. I'm keen to make some NG content!
Able to make 2d and 3d assets.
Would love to make behemoth type platformer.

Get in Touch!


2008-01-14 19:11:03 by Lombies

Hey guys,

feel free to crit my animations. all comments are welcome.
or alternatively keep updated on my Blog.

Keep on keepin' on.


Seasons Greetings

2007-12-27 16:12:13 by Lombies

Hey hey hey Newgrounds!

I made my first animation submission!

A little Christmas animation i did for my parents.

It's short...., I still need to learn how to publish an animation properly...

hope you all like it!

Peace out

Seasons Greetings

1) Great artwork +2
2) Great animation +2
3) Great story +1

= Flash content like the brackenwood series.

1) Okay art +1
2) Okay animation +1
3) Okay Story +1

1)Bad art +0
2)Bad animation +0
3)Bad Story +0

= BLAM that shit.

After watching the movie, see what they would score on each of those points great, okay or bad for the 3 options = the final movie score.

Anyway thats how I rate movies, And I do it this way because I hate seeing crap on the top weekly.